ConflictResolution EN

For the last five years, we have trained and certified the majority of our staff in the Canadian Institute for Conflict Resolution (CICR) training program as it is our belief that not all conflicts need to go through the legal systems. 2015-2016 saw the fifth class of graduates. Members of the Community Justice Committee were included in the training to better prepare them as the training is a good foundation to understand the underlying needs with people they will work with locally. A valued contribution to the training this year was the increased participation of Cree Elders who worked with staff to discuss on how to best approach meditation techniques with traditional ways. We were also pleased to offer the training to a member of the Cree Women’s Association of Eeyou Istchee, an organization we work closely with on the women’s shelters and the domestic violence file.

Each year, the delivery of the program becomes more fluid. The CNG owns the Cree version of the CICR Program, as the content from the beginning is being adapted to the Cree realities and values. We have also been working closely with the Institute to develop Cree trainers. To date, we have had three staff in the role as co-trainers of the program, and we are committed to develop our staff so we can continue to offer this transformative training for years to come in the Cree Nation.

In 2015-2016, as a part of the project to establish conflict resolution services in the communities, the Department engaged CTCP and Cinergy Coaching to provide a group comprised of staff and Community Justice Committees a regime of advanced training and practical experience in order to build conflict resolution competency and self-confidence. The first cohort was certified and was offered a second advanced training. We plan on continuing to offer this type of one-on-one coaching as it proved of value and in line with Cree values.