The Code of Civil Procedure establishes the principles of civil justice in Quebec. It contains the rules that govern how a civil case proceeds through the courts in Quebec.

Criminal and penal cases are subject to different rules of procedure contained respectively in the Criminal Code and the Code of Penal Procedure.

The rules contained in the Code of Civil Procedure address all aspects of court procedures such as:

  • the manner to file legal proceedings
  • the manner to file a defense
  • the deadline to file different procedures
  • the manner to present evidence and examine witnesses
  • the required documents and the manner to file such documents
  • alternative options to settle disputes, including mediation and arbitration
  • compliance with the judgment of the court

The Code of Civil Procedure initially came into force in 1965. It has been the object of various modifications over the years.

On January 1, 2016, the Code of Civil Procedure was replaced by a new version which placed more emphasis on the resolution of disputes and accessibility, quality and promptness of civil justice.

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