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As part of the Cree Nation Government (CNG), the Department of Justice and Correctional Services was established in 2008 to provide for the implementation of Section 18 of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement, and the Justice Agreement signed with the Government of Quebec on May 30, 2007. 

Within these important agreements, there is clear recognition of Cree circumstances, usages, customs and ways of life, which have provided guidance and wisdom to us and to our institutions for many generations.


Purpose of a Justice System

The purpose of a justice system is to represent the people it serves, help create the conditions for safe communities and harmonious relationships, and ensure that fundamental justice rights and practices are protected.

We work to shape the Cree justice system in a manner that both respects the existing judicial regime of our country and province, while creating services, programs and processes that honour and respect Cree ideals, values and ways.

Our mission includes:

  • Providing quality services for Cree people in the Cree communities and judicial district of Abitibi.
  • Increasing accessibility to the justice system.
  • Reducing crime and victimization in the Cree Nation and enhancing community safety through a Cree global crime prevention strategy, and by partnering with key Cree entities.
  • Reinforcing and promoting traditional values in the Cree Nation to better deal with the root causes of our challenges and the negative impacts they produce.
  • Providing a more restorative (holistic) treatment of Cree people in detention facilities.