Below you will find a number of resources that will help you understand the CAVAC program and the services available to you.

CAVAC Network: Support, Help and Resources

A pamphlet produced by the CAVAC network to explain their services and their purposes.

>> Download the pamphlet.


CAVAC : A new day dawns

A pamphlet produced for aboriginal communities by the CAVAC network to explain their services and their purposes.

>> Download the pamphlet in English and Cree.

CAVAC Guide: Breaking the Silence

This complete guide is aimed towards the victims of violence, as well as their families and friends. It can be used as a tool in the healing process of these individuals. Indeed, it gives its readers a chance to better understand their situation, and their emotional state following an act of violence. The guide also proposes support services for the victims of violence, and informs on the steps they can undertake when faced with violence.

>> Download the guide.

CAVAC Guide: Taking Action on the Sexual Assault of Children

This guide was prepared for parents who have children that have been victims of sexual assaults and for professionals who work with these children.

>> Download the guide.

CAVAC Guide: Ending the Abuse of Seniors

An information guide describing the problem of senior/elder abuse and resources to help address this problem.

>> Download the guide.

CAVAC Guide: Impacts and Consequences of Victimization

A brief guide that helps victims understand the impact and consequences of their victimization, which reinforces the need to seek help if you are victimized by crime.

>> Download the guide.


A 9m42s video that presents the services offered by the CAVAC network. Through workers' and partners' testimonies, the video explains each service that is provided and what impact the workers have on victims' lives.

NOTE: the video is in French version only.

>> See the video.