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The Cree Justice Symposium was held on January 27-29 in Mistissini, Quebec. Each of nine Cree communities, plus the Cree Nation of Washaw Sibi, were asked to send a delegation of six individuals each, ideally individuals who had knowledge of and participation in the criminal justice system, the prevention of crime or in issues related to the impact of crime and victimization in their communities. 

Among the topics presented and discussed during the three-day event were:

  • Social & health issues and justice
  • Safe schools and justice
  • Youth issues and justice
  • Domestic violence and family issues
  • Role of Elders
  • Youth Diversion Through On-the-land Programs

Communities also had the opportunity to meet with their group in breakout sessions to prepare their community presentation in regards to the justice and related challenges they are facing.

Symposium Materials

Copies of materials presented during the Symposium are found below.