In collaboration with communities and other stakeholders, the Department was mandated with the design and implementation of a nine agenda “global” crime prevention initiative. Below is a description of each of its components.

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Community Awareness and Education

Design and implementation of various programs and resources to raise awareness of key justice issues affecting communities including drug/alcohol abuse, youth gangs, sexual exploitation, impact and consequences of crime, domestic/family violence, etc.

Community Mobilization

Development of processes and programs that help mobilize the broader community – including youth groups, Elders, local business and organizations, police service members, band councils, parents and others  - to participate in community safety and crime prevention efforts. Research shows that communities with the best justice outcomes are those where many community stakeholders are working together to reduce and prevent crime.

Youth Centres

Development and implementation of new youth animation plans and programs, for raising youth engagement in the Cree Nation community life. Through our Youth Engagement Fund  we are trying to engage youth in planning and addressing larger issues that impact community life.


Youth Intervention and Diversion

Working closely with the youth protection director to develop program where youthful offenders aged 11 to 17 years are diverted to community-based programs and services (so-called “extra-judicial measures”) that address the factors that got them into trouble in the first place, rather than being formally charged and possibly entering the criminal justice system. 

Restorative Justice

Development of restorative justice programs, services and resources for Cree communities, and includes the establishment of Community Justice Committees.


Police Service Crime Prevention

Participating in the development and implementation of police-led crime prevention resources such as Crime Stoppers programs, School Resource Officer (SRO) programs, education and awareness sessions, parent information sessions, etc. Also, on crime prevention week we work closely with police to raise the level of implication locally and highlight issues.

Justice System Support

Development of various supporting justice programs and services including those that address family, offender re-integration, community by-law development, early intervention with children in conflict with the law, etc.

Community Economic Development

Development of community-based economic development programs and services with other economic development stakeholders in the Cree Nation. Furthermore, within our funds we provide the opportunity for community organisations and members to develop programs that will create more economic opportunities for people.

Sports and Recreation

Development of fun and accessible sports and recreation programs and services, including those offered in school and youth centre settings. We collaborate to develop various activities about providing activities that develop characters and leaderships in youth to face the realities that we face today in our communities.