cree elders s

Elders have the responsibility to keep the memory, history and knowledge of the Cree ancestors. They possess the knowledge and understanding of Eeyou Istchee teachings and share life experiences and stories to help guide people’s decisions.


The voice of experience

Elders are a voice of moderation, experience and wisdom. They are invited to go to detention facilities to talk to and help detainees re-connect with their Cree values, land and people. On occasion, they may also share teachings such as hunting techniques, etc.


Covering all healing aspects

Our holistic view of justice and healing covers the mind, the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person. By their close contact with detainees, Elders can contribute to all of these aspects, and help the person become “whole” again.

Elder visits also provide a good bridge and relationship that proves useful when the time comes to reintegrate the community.

In respect of their own personal belief, some clientele may instead request a counselor or a pastor to come and visit them. The DOJCS, following the principal of respect for their choice and observing all Cree realities, provide the service that is requested from the clientele.

Our goal is to have at least one Elder and Counselor per community, so as to cover local language and cultural realities.