Alternative Suspension

The YMCA Alternative Suspension program was first developed by the YMCAs of Québec in Montreal in 1999. To date, the program has expanded to over 40 communities across Québec and Canada, and supports over 3,000 students each year.

The program regards school suspensions as an opportunity to support youth requiring extra skills or help in a specific area they are having trouble in. It is important to ensure that the time spent away from school is an overall success for the students on both a personal and educational level.

The YMCA Alternative Suspension program’s philosophy is focused on youth engagement, education, and perseverance at school. The Cree Nation Government Department of Justice and Correctional Services and Cree School Board are proud to partner with the YMCA to develop a Cree Alternative Suspension program, which adapts the model using culturally appropriate content and taking into consideration the history and realities of the Cree Nation.

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