In December 2017, two Cavac officers, Alvin Cash and Christie Hester had the opportunity to attend training hosted by the Quebec Native Women Inc. The campaign, “My Sexuality, It’s About Respect: Break the Silence”, was designed to raise awareness and inform Indigenous community members about the problem of sexual assault while also promoting healthy sexuality.

Throughout this training, QNW supported people who want to change things in their communities by promoting healthy lifestyles and healthy emotional and sexual relationships. QNW believes it is important to involve other organizations who deliver services for victims of violence, since they are the direct point of contact for the people who will be responsible for carrying out awareness activities in their communities.

Some of the topics discussed during this training included:

  • • The impacts of colonization on sexuality
  • • Healthy sexuality
  • • Understanding Sexual Violence & Current Issues
  • • Prevention
  • • How to plan events/workshops
  • • Facilitation
  • • Self-care
  • • Resources within our communities

Over the next few months, events and/or workshops will be delivered in some of the Cree communities to promote awareness about sexual assault and healthy sexuality. The CAVAC Officers were excited to be taking part of this pilot project and look forward to work on promoting awareness in our communities,

“As indigenous peoples, we have been hurt, but we are still connected, a situation that bears eloquent testimony to our resilience. Healing therefore belongs to every member of our communities”. -QNW