Mistissini Justice Committee

Meaning of the name:

To help someone and take sides with him/ her to change for the better; to prevent from occurring. 


What is the purpose of the committee?

  1. PROMOTE and maintain social peace and harmony in our community of Mistissini.
  2. HELP administer justice using culturally adapted approaches, which put emphasis on healing individuals, families and the community, and that deal with the underlying causes of problems in the community rather than just the symptoms.
  3. OFFER alternatives or complements to the mainstream Justice System while including the people that have been affected by the crime or conflict.
  4. ENCOURAGE a social reaction to crime and conflicts that favors accountability, reparation, restoring balance and the re-establishment of relations among affected individuals.
  5. PROMOTE understanding and respect of laws, socially acceptable behaviours, cultural values, and traditions.


>> For more information, please contact:

Louise Coonishish
Community Justice Officer
Cree Nation Government
Mistissini Justice Facility
Justice & Correctional Services Department
301 Queen Street,
Mistissini, Quebec
G0W 1C0
Tel: 418-923-2661
Fax: 418-923-2560
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 



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